Community Association for Sustainable Development

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How we work

We prioritize people and relationship first in order to achieve on the ground project objectives
later. Therefore, we work with communities and for the communities; we strive to provide
answer to the most pressing natural resource management issues in our communities.  We
advocate community participation and environmental conservation, and reject discourage
activities that change the cultural identity or social structure of local populations or negatively
affect the natural environment. Idea conception comes from the community itself.  We

encourage communities to be active and responsible in all development activities, including
participation in needs assessment, planning, implementation, and progress monitoring.
CASuDev is able to work with minimal financial resources and achieve much on the ground
success because the dedication of our staff goes beyond a paycheck and the work addresses
core community needs for a sustainable and bright future.
Our guiding principles of operations are integrity, transparency and accountability,
communication and professionalism. We hold on optimism, respect and fear of God. Our loyalty
goes to our communities, our stakeholders and partners.

Our Partners