Women and Underprivileged Empowerment (WUE)

Empowering women in the development process has been one of the centre concerns of almost all development strategies and programs related to women’s development. Women suffer from different types of powerlessness in social economic and environmental sphere of life. The lack of power or disempowerment reflects in their less education level, less income, less control over their own income, less bargaining power in selling their own produce and labour, less participation in decision making body, less access to production inputs and resources and employment opportunity than men.

CASuDev promotes gender equality and to eliminate the distressed conditions of these socially marginalized groups and bring them to the main stream of development for achieving a sustainable development and livelihoods; they need to be involved in income activities much more actively. Furthermore, they need to improve in all sorts of areas such as income, information, knowledge and skills, education, and access to capital and resources.The organization seeks to integrate these groups of people more actively into biodiversity conservation and natural resources management.

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