Socio-Economic and Rural Development (SERD)

CASuDev cares about the social and economic well-being of rural populations. We strike to improve in their standard of living though sustainable development initiatives and natural resources management.

Activities here include:

Sustainable use natural resources:– Forests products and non timber forest products– Sustainable agriculture and agro forestry (agriculture, domestication of forest products, livestock, bee farming and aquaculture)– Supply and maintenance of water quality and

-Solar energy in remote areas

Microenterprise development: Cottage industries development and off-farms businessesCASuDev stress on off-farms businesses and cottage industries since they provide full or part time employment to indigenous communities. This is concerned about the collection and transformation of farms and forest products (Cassava transformation into Bobolo, gari and water foufou, transformation of bees’ products into by-products).

Under this microenterprise, we have created an agro pastoral farm cooperative to take care of and commercialize these products.

Rural financing

CAuDev encourages the creation and management of savings and loans cooperatives in order to generate communities’ income and alleviate poverty.

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